What the colour in the blood of your period is saying about your health

  1. Bleeding Pink

If the colour is pink, it is because that day you are losing little blood. When it is of this type does not usually last many days, if you happen to be so in all menstruations can be a sign of hormonal fluctuations, infection or early pregnancy.

  1. Orange red bleeding

This colour can be a sign of an infection and the blood is mixing with fluids of the cervix and usually has an ugly rotten smell.

  1. Dark brown bleeding

Many women are often worried when they see this colour, but you should know that it is super normal. It can be the last blood of your menstruation or the beginning of a new one. Just be careful if you have a yellow or orange colour mixed with brown, as it may also be an infection.

  1. Bright red bleeding

This colour is almost always a good sign, as it indicated that your period is normal and so it will be. Anyway, if it lasts more than eight days and you still have the same, you should consult a doctor.

  1. Abundant bleeding

It is super normal for women at some point in their period to have a strong bleeding and in each woman, it happens at a different time. If you have three or more days of a very heavy blood flow, you should check with your doctor for advice.

  1. Dark Bordeaux bleeding

Generally, at the beginning of the period, the colour is usually dark Bordeaux with lumps, but if continuous for several days can become a miscarriage or benign tumour.

  1. Blood Spots

This usually happens at unexpected times, it may be a few days before the period indicating that your body is preparing or menstruation, or it may also indicate a menstrual imbalance.




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