To Lose Weight, You Must Avoid These Foods

Many of us wants to keep a healthy lifestyle but have not been conscious of the medicine which we use for survival – food.

Most health complications arises from poor diet, why can’t we then endeavour to eat clean and do away with some kind of food which may become poison to us with time.

I urge you to let your food be your medicine, this is one of the key fundamentals of preventive medicine.

If you’re trying to lose weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle, then try to avoid these food which are below;

1. Red Meat


What you should know is red meat is high in cholesterol and it is not recommended to be part of a healthy diet. The quantity you consume is very important, but what we have here

in most of our Nigeria diet is people having a large quantity of red meat. You feel you’re

eating healthy because you’re eating vegetables but the amount of red meat in that vegetable will tell the difference whether the meal is healthy or unhealthy.

2. Butters made from Real Nut
You will always see natural peanut butter packed in stores or made locally and sold with garden egg. Natural peanut butter is packed with protein and fats and it should be avoided when you’re trying to lose weight. One tablespoon of peanut butter have around 100calories.


3. Whole Fat Milk
A glass of Whole fat milk is high in 60 calories higher when compared to skimmed milk. As the name imply the fat is still in the milk, and it should be avoided in your diet. Some brand exclude the word “Fat” from their products, but it doesn’t change the fact it is a whole fat milk. In conclusion, use skimmed milk instead of whole fat milk.


4. Tropical Fruit

Fruits rich in natural sugar should be avoided, you must have heard that eating fruits is good, yes that is correct but some fruits should be avoided when trying to lose weight because of their high sugar contents, which will in turn make you fat. Fruits like mango, pawpaw, bananas and pineapple should go off your dietary list.


5. Avocado Pear

Even though avocado pear is good for the heart and body, you should know that it is high in calorie. I even advocate that avocado should be used to replace mayonnaise or salad cream when preparing your salad because it is more healthy. However, your consumption quantity matters as one half of an avocado pear contains 140 calories.


6. Vegetable Oil
Most vegetable oil is high in LDL-cholesterol, and you should knock them off completely from your diet, but if you still want to enjoy the savoury of your cooking with oil, then stick to olive oil.


7. Nuts
Avoid nuts that are high in fat.


8. Cheese and cheese products
Cheese is high in fat and it is consumed directly or used in the preparation of other kind of cuisine. Which ever way or form it is, avoid cheese and food containing cheese, it will help but you in shape.




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